Amy Martin’s Radical Childcare

Creative Producer and BOM Fellow Amy Martin is undertaking a campaign to radically improve childcare provision, particularly for freelancers. She’s written an introduction to her work on the Famalam site.

I believe that existing traditional childcare provision serves industrial 9-5 workers; it is over-priced and mostly average. Young women through vocational training often deliver it, and more often than not, it pays them poorly.

Options are limited and the need is great.

In short: It is no longer fit for purpose.

What might innovation in childcare look like?

What kind of childcare provision could there be for nomadic co-workers?

What can we learn from International approaches and projects?

And in addition:

What support and environment do mums need to become innovators?

How can the insight, motivations and virtues of mums be championed, developed and promoted. How can we fight our corner and raise our collective ambition. How can our voices be heard?

Read the rest and check her Tumblr.