The BOM Fellows are essential to achieving our vision. They are a group of outstanding locally-based creative practitioners working across art, technology and science. The Fellows all have a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to practice. From 2017 – 2022, we will be focussed on working with Fellows who demonstrate clear potential for social impact in their work, and those with outstanding potential for research impact at the intersection of art, technology and science.

Fellows work with BOM for a minimum of 12 months with access to an Incubator Programme of mentoring and creative development support, access to space, networks, peers, legal, professional and business expertise and a range of creative opportunities.

The 2017 BOM Fellows are:

Previous BOM Fellows:

Pete Ashton
Pete Ashton (2014-2016)

Dan Burwood
Dan Burwood (2014-2016)

Amy Martin (2014-2016)

Nikki Pugh (2014-2016)

Antonio Roberts (2014-2016)