Ben Neal


In 2017 I aim to continue to develop artistic performances and creative music technology as part of the Swoomptheeng collective. I will be involved in the creation of a 3D website and 3D animation featuring photorealistic models of the band members and instruments, as well as more video, music, costume and sculptural works. I will continue to develop a “kreol” language designed for use online and at events. Much of Swoomptheeng is a playful exploration of “maturity” and “appropriateness” wrapped in a fun exterior. We deliberately question the importance of actions and how much context lends weight to the validity of works. We deliberately act as an accessible gateway to art, music and technology to blur divisions between high and low art, and encourage others to engage and participate. I hope to continue running workshops educating people around creative technology and facilitating learning and developing new skills and knowledge. I will explore ways in which art can be a transformative process affecting design, form and function as well as exploring emotional, social and psychological questions.