Di Wiltshire

Diane Wiltshire is an artist interested in how we inhabit space. Her work which includes immersive experiences considers perceptual space and the body.  The body is not a boundary but rather interactions, a confluence to our experience of the world.  She explores how physiological data can be interpreted in mediated environments, which allows the viewer space for introspection as well as absorption.

Apart from being a Fellow at BOM, she is also artist in residence at the Mixed Reality Lab, Nottingham University. Her previous project Sentiment involved the voices of 50 people being played through multiple speakers while related physiological data was delivered through a wearable haptic interface. The project endeavoured to find out what would happen if you couldn’t just hear someones opinion but feel it too. She is currently collaborating with DeNada Dance Theatre on a project called Sound and Movement, which translates intangible human interaction into form. During these pieces the audience becomes immersed into the perforative space through the language of interaction and the dialogue of dance.