Elly Clarke

I am an artist interested in the changing feel and experience of the physical (organic) body in an increasingly digitally-mediated (controlled) (surveilled) and experienced world. Since the late ’90s I have observed and responded to new popular developments in communication technologies as they have emerged – internet / first mobile phone / smart phone / and now AI / VR / AR – questioning at each stage the impact they have upon sense of self, sense of physicality and body, sense of place, space, history and identity. My practice incorporates music, offline and online (networked) performance, drag, text, curating, photography (digital and analogue) and participatory and collaborative projects, often with an emphasis on story-telling. Since 2014, my drag alter-ego #Sergina has become my primary muse through which I explore many ideas about physical/digital presence. Through songs, I write about love, lust and loneliness in the digital age and these are performed in singular and plural-bodied format, often in several places at once – often linked up and live broadcast via Google Hangout and other popular platforms. By offering up #Sergina as an open source identity that can be embodied (/worn) by different people in different places at once, I propose that identity need not be fixed to one organic individual, but can be transferable, allowing me to question and play with hierarchies of digital and physical presence.