John Sear


John Sear is an experimental game designer who focuses on public spaces. The experiences he creates sit somewhere between theatre and games.
In 2017, John plans to continue his work on real-world games with a particular focus on both collaborative play and audio. He feels audio is the best way to augment a real space – allowing the players to be connected to the real world while also adding a virtual layer. This work includes continuing the development of political spy thriller ‘A Moment of Madness’ (a collaboration with The Other Way Works) with the aim to premier in late 2017.
John’s background as a technical developer (both hardware and software) means that he works across a broad spectrum of projects that benefit from his combination of design and technical skills. These include collaborating with University of Birmingham, The Other Way Works, West Midlands Museum Development, Qawwali Shrine and artist Kate Spence.