Laurie Ramsell


In 2017 I will be exploring art and ethics in the biogenetic age, through a new series of artworks to be showcased at BOM alongside artist Gina Czarnecki.
I will also be working on a large-scale collaborative project with materialogist Jenny Lee (Studio Aikieu), textile designer Bea Mandlestram, and curator Vilma Luostarinen. This project imagines a purpose built pavilion/maker space found in a future colony on Mars. I will develop my continued research and production of organic sculptures, investigating the materiality of bacterial cellulose, mycelium, and human genetic material. I will be designing an organic harvesting machine that will eventually be entirely built using materials from the bacteria it harvests. This machine is for harvesting human microbiota (symbiotic human bacteria), which will passively collect colonies of bacteria from the human body, and grow them into products for human use and consumption.