Leon Trimble


Leon is currently developing ideas inspired by astrophysics, gravitational waves and data visualisation/sonification with researchers from the University of Birmingham, to see how Interferometers (used for measuring gravitational waves) could be connected to audio visual synthesisers of his own making.
He will continue collaborations with Cellist Hetti Price and BOM Fellows Pete James and Jo Gane for a city wide installation of Walcott daguerreotype cameras, which also use Raspberry Pi to stream live images to the net.
 The third major project will be the delivery of his ‘Selfie Synth,’ a pocket device for making music. It will be accessible, sonically exciting and customisable… Based in a Raspberry Pi it will feature camera input where one’s facial expressions will harness methods of machine learning to activate/alter sounds. This is a prototyping initiative with Birmingham City University’s Maker Monday scheme, and will ultimately lead to the Kickstarter of a finished product.

Leon’s immersive projection skills will continue as he curates weekend music festival programmes within the Chromatouch 360o projection dome, and will branch out to UK arts festivals where he will nurture collaborations between interesting and oddly matched artists. He will continue to perform Audio Visual sets across Europe in the spirit of solidarity and peace, starting with a performance instigated by BOM R&D artist, Robin Price in Belfast in January. 
All these projects will work within BOM’s newly formed social cohesion plan, as he continues to support emerging artists and youths from a non art-school backgrounds.