The Soul Problem – Transhumanism workshop with Laurie Ramsell

Over the last few months Laurie Ramsell has been using his residency at BOM to research transhumanismm, which he’s been documenting on a Tumblr. He will be presenting his findings in a series of workshops this summer.


From the Tumblr:

As part of my residency I will be hosting three workshops in order to promote discussion and build on my knowledge of transhumanism from the general public’s responses to particular ethical debates.

The first workshop will be a roundtable discussion regarding a core component of my investigation into humanness – the Soul. By extension this will also begin my exploration into the religious and spiritual beliefs that govern societies response to a transhuman future.

The discussion will take place at the Lighthouse Media Centre in Wolverhampton, close to the city bus station, and conducted with Cafe Psychologique Wolverhampton group. All are welcome to come and participate for what should be an interesting evening.