Crowdfunding for our new community space begins!


If you’ve had the grand tour of BOM you’ll know there’s one room which was never finished. Hell, it was never even begun. Studio 1, literally at the heart of BOM, has been at the bottom of the big to-do list for too long. It’s time to sort it out.

Originally it was going to be a workshop, somewhere projects that needed power tools and access to the loading bay could be based in, but that need hasn’t emerged. Instead what we quite desperately need is somewhere to base our rapidly emerging educational programme, and it’s time for Studio 1 to become that.

Since this space will be used to benefit the wider community we’re crowdfunding to pay for it. Here’s BOM Fellow Amy Martin, mastermind of this project, to explain all.

We need to raise £1500, and if you can help out there are rewards! From a goodybag of trinklets from the BOM Fellows to photography tuition, VJing at your party, limited edition prints and a personalised GIF!

Amy has written about why this is important and worthy of your support. If you agree, please pledge and spread the word!

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