100 Reasons to support out Crowdfunder for Studio 1

amy 100 reasons

As our crowdfunder to refurbish Studio 1 into a fully functional education resource room for the wider community continues, Amy Martin, the engine behind the campaign, has been tweeting 100 reasons to get behind it. We’ve collected them here as they emerged from her brain.

  1. We could host free workshops for teenagers on digital hygiene & looking after your reputation online
  2. We could host workshops for kids in our @BomLab learning studio that explain job roles in tech
  3. We could share projects that showcase tech 4 good, creative tech projects that illicit social action
  4. We could host a Lecture/Demo @BomLab exploring the science behind good coffee
  5. There will be nothing else like this in Birmingham
  6. A bespoke learning studio could host computer science INSET sessions for teachers
  7. We could encourage kids 2 be curious @BomLab through exploring serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions
  8. A bespoke learning studio could host code clubs for seniors
  9. Extra space could mean we have more international exchanges
  10. We would have the space to offer a crèche facility at events/conferences
  11. We could host wkshops were we grow ears on our arms that connect to the internet
  12. A pop up hackerspace for MOMs
  13. A Space BioHack workshop examining microbes resistance to space environments
  14. We could host a Citizen science wkshop gathering & investigating crowd-sourced biodata
  15. DO THE ROBOT. A dance and robotics workshop for all. JUST imagine.
  16. Creative Code wkshops designed by artists, 4 artists, supporting experimental digital practices
  17. Our learning studio @BomLab could be a space to host important discussions about open rights on the Internet
  18. A dedicated learning room could host creative technology workshops for unemployed teens
  19. We could host discussions like: What is the role of the digital generation in building more creative & networked cities?
  20. We could house a brand new network of young people who will inspire & contribute creatively towards BOM future programmes.
  21. We could invite community groups like the WI to come & tinker with tech.
  22. Our learning room could host small exhibitions/residencies by emerging digital artists.
  23. Our learning room could be an offsite classroom for schools visiting the gallery.
  24. We could host collaborative installations with scientists & artists.
  25. It would be great to be able to offer a classroom for the home school community to explore art, science & tech at BOM.
  26. A learning room could house a great lending library of resources; books, tech, Bunsen burners etc
  27. We could design creative technology wkshops for young people with special educational needs
  28. We could develop a community class programme exploring science, art & technology
  29. We could develop a programme that showcases women in tech and use our learning room to host talks
  30. We could develop a programme that showcases women in Science.
  31. A learning studio could be a great asset to local FE & HE colleges & academies.
  32. We could host creative technology workshops for Young Carers in our learning studio
  33. Tomorrow’s World: workshops that guess the future with year 5s
  34. Our learning room could house artist residencies creating interactive and immersive artworks
  35. We could use it as a maker space/community lab & build/hack DIY biolab equipment (then we really could grow Internet ears)
  36. It could be a space for hacktivism – exploring creative activism through socially and politically motivated hacking
  37. We could host Family wkshops with art/electronics
  38. A meeting space where our Fellows & residencies can connect with like minded souls, share skills and inspire each other
  39. It could be a space to suppport creative innovation across art, technology and science
  40. This could be a special place, a space for risk takers, change makers and innovators
  41. We believe that STEAM, Science, Engineering Art & Technology when practiced together, deepen curiosity & reinforces learning
  42. We believe in constructionism, the idea that people learn effectively through making things
  43. We’d like to offer access to knowledge, materials & tools to explore the intersection between art and technology
  44. We want to create fun, engaging, and educational activities for people of all ages
  45. We believe that a successful society means all types of people with all types of interests including art, science & tech
  46. We believe that it is important for children to become makers not just consumers of technology
  47. We think it is critical to look at solutions that complement the framework of traditional schooling
  48. we’d like to develop a learning programme that is diverse, creative & engaging @BomLab using our space in a myriad of ways
  49. A Vlogging technique wkshops for mini-youtubers – how to shoot & edit
  50. An INSET session for teachers on learning in/with Minecraft – build your own classroom
  51. We’ll have space to run more Creative Technology summer camp’s like this one
  52. We could run introductory programming wkshops for Artists, Musicians & other Creative People
  53. It could be a space to inspire & promote blue skies research, complementing formal academic research
  54. How’s about an introductory workshop in Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi
  55. Fancy learning about 3D projection mapping? We could do that, but only if you wang us a tenner
  56. Make your own light & sound sensors – an intro to arduino? That *would* be a lovely session in our learning studio
  57. Intergenerational project: Creating a technology time capsule. What tech might bridge the generations? Morse Code v Minecraft
  58. Re-purpose. How might an artist use a drone in their creative practice? And other such discussions..
  59. How’s about a collaborative installation imaging a utopian future Birmingham in lego.
  60. How’s about an introduction to 21st century fabrication?
  61. How’s about Binary Babies a mums&babies group where we discuss safe screen time for little ones & how to have fun on & offline
  62. We could run The science of sleep wkshops for parents in our shiny new learning room
  63. Science Fiction vs Science Fact has art really imitated life & how? Might be a good discussion to have in our learning rm?
  64. We could do more Kids Remix sessions
  65. how’s about an ‘Engineering for girls’ programme
  66. or Astro physics for under 5s
  67. or Instanan an iPhone photography wkshop for the over 50s
  68. a Halloween wkshop – Frankenstein’s robot making him come alone with Pis, crumbles & Arduino
  69. we could make friends with other learning programmes & invite them over for a coffee
  70. We could really support digital literacy plus creativity & improvisation skills in programming
  71. We could discuss how can we improve our use of digital technology in engaging young people with arts and culture?
  72. We want to develop creative, social and cultural events for young people not in education employment or training
  73. The unused digital skills sitting within the community of 1million unemployed young people is estimated to be worth £6.7bn
  74. Nine out of ten (90%) NEET Young People can use social media to promote an event, idea or cause
  75. Two-thirds of NEET young people (66 per cent) can design a webpage
  76. One in five (19 per cent) NEET Young People can develop an app
  77. 36% of NEET young people are confident in working with databases
  78. 13 per cent of NEET Young People are “confident” at coding, whilst another 25% have experienced coding at some point
  79. To promote empowering role-models and help build a better creative community of young people.
  80. To develop transferable skills for the 21st century such as resilience, flexibility & digital literacy
  81. We could explore digital art, animated gifs & glitch art, the creation & exhibition of such artwork in the 21st Century
  82. We could ponder about sessions that teach kids about resilience through science in our shiny new studio
  83. We could create an emerging theatre makers series that interrogates Digital Theatre: performing online, the use of gaming & virtual reality
  84. We could host big discussions exploring ways we perceive things, promoting practices and dialogues across and beyond media
  85. More discussions! How will artists get paid? A discussion around democracy and creativity on the net when everything is free
  86. We could ask the big questions but still have a practical ‘make do and mend’ series of workshops like ‘Intro to Soldering’
  87. Intro to Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi
  88. With skills from @fzzpop & our fellows @BomLab we could run host maker workshops.
  89. We could support Code Club with regular coding workshops for young people
  90. An installation for babies/toddlers that uses 3D projection mapping, sound, texture & story
  91. we could partner with Impact Hub Brum & host hackathons that combine social activism & creative technology for a better Birmingham
  92. We would encourage more tinkering through workshops, open jam sessions and groups
  93. Remix culture and expressive use of computation all important ideas and all will have a place in the learning studio
  94. Analogue v digital photography sessions led by our BOM fellows and other industry professionals
  95. How’s about an intro digital currency and discussion on the future of money/capitalism?
  96. Artist Talks: Creative technology & mental health an overview of the most innovative projects
  97. BOM would use industry experts, high quality professional practitioners, experienced and inspirational facilitators
  98. BOM would engage participants with the assumption that everyone has something to learn and everyone has something to teach
  99. BOM learning programme model includes a mixture of workshops, lectures, challenges and collaborative tasks for all ages
  100. Learning at BOM will explore the creative potential of tech, art & science & aims to inspire developing minds of all ages.

If you think even a fraction of those are worth getting behind, go a throw us a tenner. We’ll use it well!