BOM Summer Camp is almost here!

BOM’s Summer Camp for budding young inventors kicks off next week and everyone is excited to see it get under way!
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Our facilitators (Ben, Ben, LiamDave and Amy) have been working very hard indeed to create bespokeDave robotics kits for the participants – aged from 7-11 years old – which includes additional components that enable the CrumbleBot kit robots to move, respond to commands… and even fly! We think we can safely say that it’s not just the kids that are going to want to be taking part in the activities which range from animation and design workshops;coding, crafts, and even a robo-disco!
Line follower CrumbleBot. Image from Carl Monk on Twitter @ForToffee

Line follower CrumbleBot. Image from Carl Monk on Twitter @ForToffee

Our awesome crew of creative technologists are Ben Neal who runs Psicon Lab and is the brains behind
many creative projects including juneau/projects/ interactive games, and Benjamin Pinnock, Liam Blunden and Dave Perry who run 8-Bit Pirates and work actively with local schools delivering coding and animation programmes.
LiamSummer Camp is a partnership with  F A M A L A M, a really exciting new play and work research project but our very own BOM Fellow Amy Martin. Amy has worked with children and young people throughout her career, leading projects with BBC, FACT Liverpool and Young Rewired Art for the Festival of Code. Check out her current research project exploring a radical new childcare system for Birmingham.
And last but not least, our youngest facilitator Fred, aged 7. As BOM Director’s little boy, Fred is tasked with buddying up participants and making sure our newest recruits have a week to remember! He loves gymnastics, Bakugan and playing on his DS and is very excited to meet new friends and have tons of fun next week.
Since opening in November, BOM has run various workshops for kids and young people with the hopes to inspire developing minds through the key STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Maths).
Just last week we ran Kids Remix, a two day workshop with  the Open Community Lab, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and Crafts Council UK. A lot of fun was had by all!
We’re excited to see everyone at next week’s Summer Camp and look forward to welcoming lots of young recruits to design some amazing new creations with art, technology and science!