What is BOM reading?

First in a hopefully regular series of looks at what people at BOM are inwardly digesting for work and pleasure, taking in the fellows, the residencies and the volunteers. Take a peek into our brain-food.

BOM reading August

Melissa Grant

Spending all my time reading technical things at work (eg Saliva Diagnostics by David Wong). I am always on the lookout for something a little different for my bedside table. The book I am reading at the moment is Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales. I am particularly enjoying the little notes at the end of each tale detailing where the Grimm’s sourced it and also Pullman’s reflections. They are also mercifully lacking any Disney princesses and this a total bonus when reading them to my nearly 3 year old! Plus I just found out there’s a stage adaptation.

Laurie Ramsell

I am going to have to be a bit lazy and share, Unnatural: The Heretical Idea of Making People by Phillip Ball, a book I finished a while ago but I copied up some text relating to a pivotal thought in my project on my blog. Plus I really do recommend this book to anyone as an introduction into transhuman ethics.

GIF of Inside the Living Walls, Alexandra Gorczynski, 2015

GIF of Inside the Living Walls, Alexandra Gorczynski, 2015

Antonio Roberts

What I’m reading at the moment

Pete Ashton

I really enjoyed this interview with John Durham Peters on The Antropoid Condition, specifically where he explodes the concept of “media” to take in everything readable, most notably clouds from the sky to data centres, and follows trains of thought to what should be absurd places but which make a lot of sense. So I bought his book, The Marvelous Clouds, which I’ll get to once I finish this oddly uplifting book on Neo-Nihilism.

Two other web articles I got a kick out of: