One Five West in the basement

Our triangular basement space seems to have become an R&D zone of late. Last month Leon was developing his huge immersive dome projection system (more about which we’ll have for you once he’s written it up) and this month it’s One Five West developing a new piece of work, Code and Carpentry, for the Fierce Festival in October, which in turn preludes their residency at BOM to develop this work further.

One Five West are Anna Horton and Sophie Bullock and here they are in said basement.


And here’s a work-in-progress video of… um… something that will no doubt make more sense in context.

Anna and Sophie presented their work at Many & Varied last week and stressed the importance of collaboration in this project, so if anything they’re doing strikes a chord, do get in touch. Email, follow the @onefivewest Twitter, peruse their Tumblr, or just knock on the basement door.