What is BOM reading?

Third in a regular series of looks at what folk at BOM are reading for work and pleasure, taking in the fellows, the residencies and the volunteers.

John Sear

Here’s a selection of books I’m reading / referencing. All available on the shelves of out friendly local library, the Library of Birmingham! I’ve made most use of the processing books – and it’s giving me a good excuse to build a number of little projects recently – a nice break from my larger chunks of work.


Overall though I’ve probably spent more time with this collection! 🙂


Antonio Roberts

Leon Trimble

I wanted to share this with the fellows, and the outside world. HDMI video mixers are usually a £1000 but these guys have come along and made an amazing little box for like £200 odd. 4 inputs from HDMI or displayport (v cool) and network and streaming to web included. Yay!

Creating Digital Music is my everyday go-to tech site as it feeds into my addiction for things that bleep. Also, it is a good gauge of the state of creative endeavour using these devices/softwares. Peter Kirn who writes it is pretty equal in his coverage of commercial and independent projects, as well a nice line in Berlin hipster whimsy. 😉

Pete Ashton