2016 BOM Fellows

This year we will be working with 16 brilliant BOM Fellows, helping us deliver a programme that will be strongly focussed on science and photography.

9 of our Fellows from last year will be working with us again in 2016; Pete Ashton, Dan Burwood, Jo Gane, Melissa Grant, Amy Martin, Nikki Pugh, Antonio Roberts, John Sear and Leon Trimble. They will be joined by Ria Hartley, Pete James, Gemma Marmalade, Ben Neal, Laurie Ramsell, Justin Wiggan and Di Wiltshire.

New Fellows Ria Hartley and Laurie Ramsell are both exploring themes around identity and the human genome. Ria was part of the 2015 Fierce Festival, delivering Spit Kit, a performance/installation piece at BOM during the festival. In 2016 Ria will be developing an ongoing series of work exploring genetics and epigenetic inheritance (the ways that environmental factors affect our genetic make-up).

Laurie is exploring themes of identity and responsibility relating to near future technologies and gene crafting. Throughout 2016 he will be developing a major research partnership with experimental genetics scientists at the University of Birmingham; he will be using the folklore of Mermaids to aestheticise and assimilate the work of genomic scientists and consider novel uses for future human sustainability.

Pete James, Gemma Marmalade and Justin Wiggan will be working with photography and/or performance to explore a range of themes from archaic photographic processes, to contemporary psychology.

Pete James’ is interested in the early and pre-history of photography in Birmingham and will be working with BOM Fellow Jo Gane to explore a range of practices incorporating pre-photography techniques to the latest virtual reality technology and developing experimental new audience experiences.

Gemma Marmalade works with photography and performance. During her Fellowship at BOM she will be exploring two profound questions; How can a lie be detected? And how are conceptual lies represented in the still/moving image? These questions are motivated by Gemma’s interest in artworks that contain deliberate, covert duplicities intended to deceive the audience.

Justin Wiggan works with performance and sound. Throughout 2016 he will be developing an ongoing project Life Echo; an art based enquiry of sound and memory originally started in collaboration with the John Taylor Hospice in Birmingham. Justin will develop a number of projects and collaborations that will culminate in a large-scale immersive sound installation at BOM in early 2017.

New BOM Fellows Ben Neal and Di Wiltshire both use digital technologies extensively in their work.
Ben describes himself as a ‘creative technologist,’ exploring a wide range of themes including subverting context, sexuality, play, performative practice and using technology to extend senses and abilities. He will be using his time at BOM to explore his arts practice and develop new work.

Di Wiltshire also uses digital technology to both deliver and develop her work. In 2015 Di worked with Mixed Reality Lab at Nottingham University to develop Sentiment, described as “a multi-modal experience, comprising of rich dynamic audio from multiple speakers with related bio data delivered through a wearable haptic interface.” During 2016 Di will be experimenting with sound, physiological data and participant involvement.

For more information on all our Fellows click here.