Ingenious and Fearless Companions at the V&A – photo essay

The team that bought Ingenious and Fearless Companions to BOM in Spring 2016, exhibited elements from the project as part of the V&A’s Digital Design Weekend, 24-25th September.

Members of the HAB team, Oliver De Peyer, Paul Shepherd, Melissa Grant, Alex May, met thousands of visitors over the weekend.

“Ingenious & Fearless Companions” was originally commissioned by BOM and supported by ACE & University of Birmingham. It showcased the work of the High Altitude Bioprospecting project, which involves the search for life at the edge of space. At the V&A the team showed elements from the bigger exhibition, relics from the rocket crash and a device to communicate with the bacteria of the stratosphere, plus biohacking activities. Alex May created the light and sound elements with his open source FUGIO software, using genomic data produced by a MinION USB sequencer at BOM during the Space Biohack.