Paradise Lost: History in the Un-Making

Spurred on by the alarmingly huge turnout for his work-in-progress screening at BOM back in September, Andy Howlett has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to finish his film about the Central Library. Three years ago when he first set out to investigate the condemned concrete ruins of Paradise Circus he had absolutely no idea that his film would develop into a feature-length project. Paradise Lost: History in the Un-Making is a free-form video-essay that has mutated and developed almost out of control: what started as a film about a doomed Brutalist library has now become a film about architecture, ideology, urban exploration, nostalgia, simulacra, social cleansing, the privatisation of public space, the collapse of the post-war consensus, the death of the future and much, much more.


Andy says that it’s his time as artist-in-residence at BOM, meeting Fellows and employees, that has been instrumental in the film’s development;
“The residency put me in touch with former library employee Pete James and Susan Kruse who curated The Library of Lost Books exhibition. I learnt a lot from the psychogeographical exploits of Pete Ashton and Nicki Pugh; and I received invaluable technical support and assistance from Leon Trimble. Mostly though it’s the buzzing atmosphere of unbridled creativity and collaborative enquiry that kept me stimulated and focused while working on the film at BOM. The residency opened up new channels of investigation and expression.”

Andy has until December the 18th to raise £2500 so that he can finally finish off the film in time for a spring release next year. To find out what he needs the money for and how you can help, visit the Indiegogo page here: