Genecraft Biohack

The Genecraft Biohack was a day of workshops, talks and discussion looking at genetics and art. It was coordinated by our Cultural Intern Patricia Nistor. The day covered a wide array of exciting topics and prompted many challenging discussions. It was a great success so we wanted to share with those who could not make it or those who would like to refer back to it. Below you can read some of the feedback we got from our participants and you can see some photos too. You can also find the presentations shown on the day and podcasts of all the talks.

“In just a few words: absolutely brilliant! I’ve had quite high expectations and all of them were more than fulfilled!” 

“One of the best workshops/talks I have experienced” 

“I might delve into the scientific side of creation in the future”

“Stimulating and thought-provoking with great workshops!”


Gina Czarnecki presentation

Gina Czarnecki audio part 1

Gina Czarnecki audio part 2

Laurie Ramsell presentation

Laurie Ramsell audio

Simon Lee audio

Ria Hartley presentation

Ria Hartley audio

Liz Rosenfeld presentation

Liz Rosenfeld audio

Simon Park presentation