Tribes, Treasure Hunts & Truth Seekers

A BOM project in collaboration with The Open Data Institute

We are looking for adults over 18 who identify as autistic and/or neurodiverse to take part in an exciting creative project in collaboration with The Open Data Institute and artists Harmeet Chagger Khan and Ben Neal. Participants will examine how information and data affects our lives in the 21st century and will explore exciting creative ways of sharing data with others.

This project will equip participants with the skills to share interesting, informative data in a creative way and learn new creative and tech skills. We hope that the project will enable participants to form new relationships with like-minded people in a friendly, inclusive setting. Questions we will consider include; How do we know what we are being told is true? What methods can we use to gather accurate data? How can we use simple technology to share facts and information with others in a fun, creative way? For more information click this link or email Susan at