BOM Café is here!

Our new café is an inclusive space serving locally made food and supporting social enterprises. Fitted out with science lab furniture reclaimed from schools (we’ve got rid of the chewing gum, but left the graffiti!) it’s a little nod to our work behind the scenes.

In keeping with the rest of BOM’s refit, we have made the café a place that is welcoming to all, including the often overlooked disabled community. At BOM we recognise the social model of disability, which says that disability is caused by the way society is organised, rather than by a person’s impairment or difference. We want to be part of the solution, not the problem and are actively removing barriers that restrict people from accessing our organisation, exhibitions and building.

We came to recognise that noise is an insidious and pervasive barrier in our current culture and cities, a barrier that affects autistic people, people with hearing loss, children, the elderly and people with sensory issues.

Going out for a coffee with friends is a pleasure that should be open to anyone, but a visit to almost any café in Britain is accompanied by increasingly (ridiculously?) high levels of noise; the sound of the barista banging the brew box, the roar of the grinder, the hissing and spluttering of the milk frother. Add to that the scrape of chairs, the banging of cups, music played at a volume that means people need to raise their voices and you have an aural, sensory blockade that can be impossible for disabled people to cross.

BOM café is as quiet as we can make it; a welcoming, people friendly space where you can sit and work peacefully, meet friends for delicious tea and cakes, grab a tasty vegan or vegetarian lunch or bring the kids for our Saturday morning Mini Makers.

We offer lattes and espressos made with a smooth, rich blend from Girls Who Grind along a delicious ‘grab and go’ filter coffee for busy people who need a fast hit of caffeine. Alongside the coffee we of course have a range of teas, from ‘builders brew,’ to delicate green and herbal tisanes.

We are also working with local producers to offer you homemade cakes and ethically sourced food.

Alongside great food and drink we have books and zines for you to read and activities to keep little ones occupied. We really look forward to welcoming you to our café!