Introducing our online exhibition… Doodle!

Check out Doodle, our first online exhibition. Originally conceived as a hands-on interactive gallery show, this is our fabulous, interactive, virtual version.

Artist / Producer Holly Gramazio has been working alongside BOM Curator Louise and digital producer Ben  to create online art games and collaborative tasks to stimulate creative play for all ages. Have a look at Holly’s website here, there’s no one better placed to help us reconnect with the joy of playfulness.

Holly brings influences from a number of artists to our Doodle project and we’d like to introduce you to one of them here.

Vera Molnar is the Grande Dame of digital art, who has been systematically harnessing the powers of randomness for art production since the 1950s.

She was part of the first wave of artists to pioneer Op art and kinetic arts in the fifties and sixties. Using geometric imagery she was able to combine a love of drawing and painting with a fascination for creating processes that would intervene in the outcome. The leap into drawing via computer followed when she was allowed access to a new research computer at the University of Paris in 1968. The resulting pen drawings were created by the computer terminal plotting the results of her coding experiments. Always co-opting the element of surprise for artistic purposes, a ground-breaking creative practice was sparked and continues to the present day.

Here’s Vera Molnar talking about the importance of randomness.

She co-founded the Research Group for Visual Art in 1960, which investigated collaborative approaches to mechanical and kinetic art, and in 1967, she was also founding member of Art et Informatique, a group set up as a platform for computational art.

Innovative, enquiring, exhibiting internationally for 7 decades and always moving forward, we are in total awe of Vera Molnar. Take a look at her recent solo exhibition at the Museum of Digital Art in Zurich here.

Back in BOM World, tag us with #doodledo and check out our Doodle exhibition website (sorry – no longer avaliable)! Take a look at this online world, it’s just waiting for your animated drawings to inhabit it!