Creative Tech Essentials

BOM’s Digital Producer Ben often gets asked about software and electrical platforms that creative people use, and we thought it might be good for him to share some of that info on video.

Maybe you’ve heard of the tiny Raspberry Pi computer? Or have you seen an artwork in which an Arduino microcontroller was a key element? Did you take part in one of BOM’s workshops and left wanting to know more? Or do you have a BBC Micro:bit and need some new ideas?

Raspberry Pis can often be used in place of a laptop to play videos, use software and access the internet. Arduinos can be used to control motors, LEDs and other sensors to make interactive art. Micro:bits can be used to make simple games, wearable gadgets and learn the basics.

Here’s Ben’s intro and the playlist of all 4 videos below.

Creative Tech Essentials (Playlist of 4)

If you’ve ever wondered what these things are, or if you could use one yourself in your own practice and would like to know a bit more about them – check out these short videos. They’re not designed to be tutorials – just a quick overview of the technology and what you could do with one. For more specific information just “Google” or search on YouTube for thousands of tutorials. You can ask a question directly by emailing or just us leave a comment on YouTube.

Be sure to check out BOM’s YouTube channel and the Videos section of the website for loads more creative tech content.