Ben Neal


During 2019 and 2020, I’ll continue to develop my career as Creative Technologist and Digital Artist. In particular, as part of the Swoomptheeng collective, I would like to develop immersive, participative, audio-visual, social experiences both real and virtual. I will complete the production of Tha Daance Maast – a pop-up, digital maypole, multi-player game and sound system – by delivering five live community events, during which participants collaborate and write music. I will also develop The Swoompipe – an unusual, handheld, wooden, music and games controller and explore how it can be used within an interactive virtual 3D world. I want to clarify the cultural and artistic context in which I’m working, and strengthen the identity, significance, quality and purpose of Swoomptheeng and it’s creative output. I feel it would be important to research and learn about social identity, tribes, trends and traditions and learn first hand how and why people associate with objects, sounds, images, ideas and actions.