Ben Neal

Ben Neal as Swoomptheeng's Skuulleyes

During 2019 and 2020, I’ll continue to develop my career as Creative Technologist and Digital Artist working freelance as Psicon Lab. This will include projects involving VR, AR and immersive audio; controlling LEDs and sensors for interactive installations utilising electronics platforms such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and wearable tech; 3D games programming in Unity (including the development of Mood Pinball); and the occasional live event and musical performance. In addition, as part of the Swoomptheeng collective, I would like to continue the production of Tha Daance Maast – a pop-up, digital maypole, multi-player game and sound system – with which participants collaborate and write music. I will also develop a VR experience with motion captured Swoomptheengs and be developing The Swoompipe – an unusual, handheld, wooden, music and games controller and explore how it, and other custom controllers, could be can be used to perform with, and manipulate virtual worlds.

Instagram & Twitter – @psiconlab