Dan Burwood

I have explored fungi and photography for some time with various outputs. This has included working towards capturing the underwater environment of the disused flooded Carbilly Tor granite quarry in Cornwall, using a DIY sub-aquatic pinhole camera. This coupled with research into aesthetics and functionality, the human landscape and the sublime.

My work has also spanned digital communication technology and participation in culture (whatever that means), ideas to deepen and broaden critical/narrative/cross cultural use of image sharing, and where this participation is excluded in places without access to Internet (Cuba, for example, or nomadic migrant communities). Investigation involved the as-yet-unrealised Some Cities platform, and our own unmined archive of aggregated images and data, and also incorporated culture centre satellite groups – refugees – older people – those in deprived communities etc, into the BOM programme/community/culture, at least as audience.

I also sought to re-visit work I previously made in Cuba with the Fototeca. This involved consideration of a new participatory research-based artwork exploring the alternative IT revolution that is currently happening in Cuba, as external hard-drives are ferried back and forth across Havana and citizens share and download information, participating in Cuba’s semi-legal business of “offline internet”.