Daria Jelonek (Studio Above&Below)

Daria Jelonek is a UK based artist, designer and researcher, who founded Studio Above&Below together with Perry-James Sugden after graduating from the Royal College of Art. As co-founder and director of Studio Above&Below, she combines computational design and research based storytelling in order to create new mindsets for possible and probable futures, visual languages and interactions with emerging technologies.
Her leading research examines the correlation between nature and technology, exploring if nature and technology can live in sync, what sustainable (digital) consumption means and how technology can give our environment a voice to express itself.
Throughout the 2020-2021 BOM fellowship she will deepen her knowledge into the deployment of pollution real time data into Mixed Reality environments, such as headset based experiences using Magic Leap and Unity and phone based experiences for iOS and Android, enabling the environment to express itself. Together with her professional partner Perry-James Sugden, she will support the BOM community by sharing knowledge, skills and thoughts about digital media for future living.
@dariajelonek                       (Instagram)
@s_studioaboveandbelow  (Twitter)