Edie Jo Murray

I am a neurodivergent creative practitioner with an obsession with digital sensory experiences and the space between real and not real. My practice includes augmented and virtual reality installations, computer generated imagery and web-based artworks. I use these tools to explore the subjectivity of reality, and the potential to create alternate worlds via digital means. My work is informed by my experiences of neurodivergence and mental ill health, which fuel an interest in individualised relationships with reality. I aim to engage a diverse audience with my work, by exploring and highlighting differing perceptions of our world. I hope to help deliver BOM’s vision of inclusivity by creating art which is accessible and inspiring. I like to make work that is interactive, experimental and playful – intending to stimulate conversation, excitement and joy in any viewer, even those who would not regularly engage with art. I feel that art creates a unique and powerful space for experimental exploration of ideas outside of ‘the norm’, and that this is something that the work of BOM harnesses really effectively.