Edie Jo Murray

Edie is a neurodivergent creative practitioner with an obsession with sensory experiences and the space between real and not real. Her practice to date has focused on augmented and virtual reality installations and creating 3D digital worlds. Her work is informed by experiences of neurodivergence and mental ill health, which fuel an interest in individualised relationships with reality. She enjoys making work with the intention of providing an experience that is somehow outside of reality.

Having always worked digitally, she has recently begun to explore ways that my work can take a physical form beyond the screen or headset. Working with BOM so far has given her the opportunity to collaborate with other artists to learn new ways of working and making, and expand her practice beyond her own skillset. In this next year of her Fellowship she hopes to continue forging collaborations and learning from others in order to challenge herself and push the outputs of her practice into new areas. She intend to continue experimenting with new methods of creation, aiming towards producing fully immersive work that bridges digital and physical space.