John Sear

It’s almost impossible to think about the coming year without considering the impact that COVID19 will place on us all.  As someone whose focus is on encouraging players to have shared experiences in real world spaces – John will use his BOM Fellowship to consider how his work will have to adapt.  Is it possible to still create collaborative, engaging experiences where the individual players might be either confined to their home or at the very least maintaining 2 metre distances from each other?  What might these experiences look like as the government begins to softens the lockdown.  Whatever happens it will probably mean taking his work back into online spaces.

He will continue to develop games with a particular focus on collaborative play. Some of these experiences will be similar to Live Escape Rooms, including ‘A Moment of Madness’, a political spy thriller where players are on a stake-out in a real vehicle (a collaboration with BOM Fellow Katie Day).  This has been on tour recently and they hope to take it on the road again in 2021.

His work is particularly motivated by the aim of removing boundaries from technology, so that anyone can tell their own stories and create their own games & experiences (for example, using Interactive Fiction, creating Audio Games or Building Live Escape Games with digital elements). In addition to delivering these workshops in person – the materials that he creates are released under Creative Commons, and he is delighted to say that they are used all over the world: will continue to collaborate with John and a wide range of artists to build a variety of digital projects incorporating games, AR & VR.