Julia Higginbottom

I’m a technologist, producer and storyteller. Disruption through technology for societal change has been at the heart of my professional practice for the last 15 years. Making films and disrupting the media industry with new technology was where this practice first developed. Whether through examining changes in storytelling through early 360 degree filming in 2007, innovating film production through new forms of sweat equity contracting, or even generating a film script through social media storytelling, I have enjoyed collaborating, using new tools, data and ideas to enable us to better connect; for social or commercial impact, or just for fun. From 2018-2019, I’ll be developing ‘Comutiny’, a project that will allow me to research, reflect and respond to how communities are formed, nurtured and grown whilst exploring the stories through lo-fi, open source AR/VR and other technologies. As I already use a lot of proprietary software and hardware solutions as part of my commercial work, I know that these forms of the technology are by design, and cost excluding, and I would like to use these competencies to explore more accessible forms to initially unlock elder stories, as well as storytelling as a whole.