Justin Wiggan

As an artist I work with sound and performance to discover the links between the internal tourist and the external explorer.

My work embraces a sense of evolution and eradication of a problem that goes way beyond cultural breakdown, concerned with the ‘end of a system’ through a practice which engages with the redevelopment of the sense of hearing as a learning tool and an awareness machine.

Throughout 2016 I developed my ongoing project Life Echo, an art based enquiry of sound and memory originally started in collaboration with the John Taylor Hospice in Birmingham.

A Life Echo is a personal phonic map created from memory trigger points, sentimental two dimensional / three dimensional objects and nostalgic recall from individuals who are at the end of their lives in palliative care.

A Life Echo is a possible therapeutic, sound narrative experience based on shared memory data, and can form part of a legacy foundation for families.

A Life Echo is a safe, shared, deep listening space.

Life Echo attempts to change how we interact with our own memories and how we can approach death and mould own own futures..
I have developed the business model and feasibility to roll out Life Echo as a national therapy for people in palliative care , patients suffering with Alzheimer’s Disease, for the monitoring of positive behavourial impact in the justice service , for changing the notion of collaborative ownership and mood enhancement in the education system , for homeless charities to create phonic maps of those suffering with memory loss and as a motivational tool to reconstruct futures for a engaged recovery journey in mental health services .

I worked in collaboration with several organisations including John Taylor Hospice , TMC and justice service, The Tea project in Srilanka , Cotteridge Infant and junior School, Sifa Fireside, BCU, University of Birmingham, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, West Midlands Academic Health Science Network.

These projects culminated in a city-wide exhibition of soundscapes and a large-scale immersive sound installation at BOM in early 2017, along with Sonic Librarian workshops and memory harvest classes.