Laurie Ramsell

In 2018 I will be looking to expand on my research into what makes humans ‘human’, and if such a label has become outdated in the wake of fourth industrial revolution technologies; 3D printing, virtual reality, and genetic modification; blurring the lines between physical, digital, and biological spheres. Continuing on from my exploration into 3D printed transhuman homunculi and genetic hybrid bioart sculptures, I want to develop a new body of work which will examine the microbiota of the human body, and the molecular processes which happen without any conscious direction from us. Molecular biology reveals a mechanical world happening at a scale impossible to see, smaller than a wave of light.  I am interested in how the application of these molecular machines may be translated into macroscale performances/kinetic sculptures and applications in medicine, engineering, and transport as speculative ways of addressing energy consumption and material efficiency. As a society we are strongly conditioned to fear biology, especially of biology we can’t see (bacteria), however, through this project I aim to raise awareness of the importance of bacteria in our daily lives.