Leon Trimble

Through 2016 I continued my practice-based research with immersive theatre, using projection mapping, choreography and domes.

Artistically, I undertook a new piece of work concerning the hunter instinct, our peripheral vision and how the sexes process spatial data differently. In terms of my audio experimentation, I undertook work on an album, really bringing out the separate instruments I have in terms of their electronic textures and working methods. This incorporated elements developed through live performance with Birmingham Conservatoire, which made use of their ‘integra live’ software.

I formed a small quartet with experimental musicians including Sara Farmer, Anna Palmer & Joanna Quail. Mixing the audio and visual remained my primary research discipline and the core of my performance practice through 2016. I made use of time-based live performances to experiment with multiple protocols, hardware, software and interfaces, and to create increasingly immersive experiences that test the limits of human perception.