Matthew DF Evans

I am a Birmingham based sound artist and musician, focused on making sound and music through data. I am currently a Visiting Tutor and Doctoral Researcher at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire exploring pixel data sonification for the creation of composition, installation and performance. I have worked with Sense UK, Options For Life and the Barbican in the facilitation of workshops and research and development for the creation of gestural music devices to aid arts accessibility.  At BOM the main area I aim to explore is microbiological sonification. The aim of this work is to explore sonification at a microscopic level. Sonification has often been used to create audible works using large data sets, such as data of solar wind and creating compositions from data from the Large Hydron Collider. Sonification of the microscopic stimuli will use micrographs (photograph or digital image taken through a microscope) and microscopic moving image. Intended stimuli will include eukaryotic, single celled micro-organisms such as bacteria and moulds. An objective of this work is to create an auditory and visual sensory experience of microbiological stimuli, communicating a sensory connection between the audience and the phenomena that is ordinarily unavailable. The aim is develop new paradigms for generative and aleatoric composition, installation and performance that can be used to provide a voice for the microscopic natural world.