Melissa Grant


I am a scientist by training, however, my ‘well rounded’ education never rubbed off and I have always tried to maintain interests outside of science. This particularly came to the fore ten years ago when I collided with the idea of bioart, via exposure to an artist-in-residence in one of the labs I worked in. Since then, I have collaborated with several artists on projects for the advancement of both art and science. I am passionate about science-art partnerships and bioart in particular. This past year I have established a micro exhibition space in the Birmingham Dental Hospital and I hope to see many exhibitions inspired by scientific research created by artists in residencies and commissions of regional artists. Recently, I worked with Dr Rachel Sammons and artist Anna Dumitriu on the Microbe Mouth project, which explores the use of Rachel’s bacteria Serratia N14 to grow a tooth. The project delivered a remarkable object and new direction for scientific investigation.