Rebekah Tolley-Georgiou

In the copy-paste world we currently inhabit, where covert surveillance is rife in all areas of everyday life;

where everything online is effortlessly replicable, editable and too often exploitable,

as an artist and filmmaker working in socially engaged practice (formerly on feature documentary film commissions), one of the themes currently being explored uses iconic geopolitical Cold War “who’s watching who?” histories and archives as a departure point, which approach historical memory and ask: How does the presentation of the past shape the image of the present?

Rebekah’s ongoing collaborative practice with artist Darryl Georgiou, (including the trilogy, ‘Magician Walks Into the Laboratory‘, premiered at Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, 2017), will take the form of digital outputs – online, site specific installations, gallery exhibitions, radio works, print publications, which in their concluding outputs also aim to explore/utilise emerging technologies, which render those artworks non-replicable and therefore unique to the author.

Although the work(s) themselves will ultimately take the form of semi-fictionalised narratives, it also aims to provoke dialogue regarding the threats of a vastly surveilled world, where the question of “whose image is it anyway?“, must ultimately elicit the answer – as artist and/or individual, solely and without question – “Mine!”