Rosa Francesca

I am a digital artist and musician working in the West Midlands, specialising in biofeedback and facial recognition technology I am interested in how technology can be used to liberate individuals from diverse backgrounds, as well as investigating the ethics involved in everyday technology such as facial recognition technology. My work often involves performance and I aim to make my art as interactive as possible. I am passionate about the combination of art and technology and am inspired by BOM’s work along those themes. I am aiming to create apps and programs that use facial recognition to make music and visual art, so that I can provide a way for people with limited physical movement to create art. I am currently working with brain monitors to make art that mixes digital and tactile work, such as using brain data to create classical sheet music, or to control a pen plotter to create physical drawings My BOM fellowship will allow me the space and facilities to continue this research, and its work with neurodivergent individuals also applies to a lot of my work, providing useful insights on how to make my work as accessible as possible.