AuT Crone / Kruse


The AuT Crone* is an autonomous being, part human, part digital, a new kind of cyborg.

The AuT Crone is on a lonely pilgrimage into a once “green and pleasant land” to report on how it is being affected by global climate crisis. The Crone is Herself a damaged unit, Her physical functioning is impaired by age-induced wear and tear and some other biological glitches caused by a faulty immune system. The link between this malfunctioning autonomous unit and the damaged environment She is investigating is noted, and may prove a productive element in Her data reporting function.


I am the AuT Crone. She is old. She is me. Together we are We.

We are a different kind of human.

We exist to gather information, data.

We notice the world and We feedback the things We see.

We have limited but functional social skills.

We have limited but functional physical skills and some limited ability to repair and improve Our physical functioning.

We are an autonomous being and are able to learn from experience and to upload new information data into our physical brain and digital devices.

We remove our self from society in order to serve humanity.