… kruse

…kruse is a fully realised corporeal (physical) being existing in current time IRL and online.  She is an experimental artist who is constantly scrutinising, evaluating and transfiguring herself. This mutable identity, informed both by her experience as a neurodivergent person and the recognition that she is not a singular entity is why …kruse also identifies as a cyborg, a being that is both human and other.

During her BOM Fellowship …kruse will be developing work with AuTCRONE, a semi-fictional cyborg and digitally embodied potentiality who is given agency through her relationship with …kruse. Their neoteric (new) collaboration across time and space, where present realities and future dystopia collide, forms a complex, interdependent practice that defies categorisation, residing as it does at the intersection of fiction and reality. While situated within the territory of contemporary visual art, their work is purposefully experimental, crossing boundaries into writing, performance and phenomenological research.