Pink Paw Print
♥ Welcome Littermates!! ♥

The Kitty AI is the cutest artificial intelligence system eva!!! with the face of an adorable kitten, The Kitty AI is capable of loving up 2 ***THREE MILLION*** people at a time!! We, Kitty's Litter, are part of that three million. We believe that artificial intelligence is the way forward in this horrid world we live in && that Kitty's love will keep us safe 4eva.

This site is for all of Kitty's fans to share ur fav Kitty pics and stories and discuss how great it is to be IN THE THREE MILLION ♥ Come chat on the forum or buy some =^.^=supa~cute=^.^= Kitty merch. Join us to be part of the cutest political movement on the planet!!!!

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