Call out for autistic & neurodiverse adults…

We are looking for adults over 18 who identify as autistic and/or neurodiverse to take part in Tribes, Treasure Hunts & Truth Seekers. Participants will examine how information and data affects our lives in the 21st century and will explore exciting creative ways of sharing data with others.

Autistic and neurodiverse people are often very skilled at gathering information and data and may be experts in their own fields of interest. This talent means that they can make an important contribution to our society, influencing the current conversation around truthful data and fake news.

This project will equip you with the skills to share interesting, informative data in a creative way and learn new creative and tech skills. We hope that the project will enable you to form new relationships with like-minded people in a friendly, inclusive setting.

Questions we will consider include;

  • How does access to data inform what we think is true?
  • How can we gather, interpret and make data meaningful?
  • How can we share information with others in a fun, creative way?

People who join this project will:

Attend four sessions, 11am – 4pm on the following dates in 2018 :
27 October, 10 November, 1 and 15 December

  • Work with artists Harmeet Chagger Khan and Ben Neal to make an art work that is informed by a neuro diverse perspective on data
  • Have your collaborative art work exhibited at BOM & other national venues
  • Meet new people
  • Learn new skills
  • Make new creative connections
  • Have your travel expenses paid

Possible Outputs:
Piece of artwork that shares the group’s data gathering in an engaging and creative way.


Session 1: You & data
During the first session we will examine how data affects our modern lives, even if we do not realise it. Participants will share information about their own special interests and together we will try to discover areas of common interest.

Session 2: Brainstorming/ Ideas Generation
In this session we will “join the dots” between data sets, explore different readings of data and find common interests. Can we identify data that is going to make a difference to others in our society? What are the important facts? What more do we need to know?

Session 3: Content Creation
We will explore data as a story and how creative methods, including games generation can help us get information across and build narratives. Many people find hard facts and statistics off-putting. How can we share information in a creative and meaningful way?

Session 4:  Prototype/Playtest
We develop our final outcome using various methods that may include digital graphics, sound recording and paper prototyping. The final outcome will be determined by the skills and interests participants already have, plus those learned on the project.


About BOM  is a centre for art, technology and science based in Birmingham City Centre. BOM presents exhibitions, skills development programmes as well as alternative education and outreach for communities at risk of exclusion.

Our organisation aims to be inclusive and welcoming. Our building has been designed to be autism friendly, with trained staff and a unique quiet cafe where you can enjoy great food and drink in a calm, quiet setting.

About The ODI  is an independent, non profit organisation working collaboratively across commercial and non commercial sectors to build an open, trustworthy data eco system.

This project has been made possible by the University of Southampton as part of their Data Stories project.

For more information and/or to register your interest please email Susan at we are very happy to answer any questions/enquiries you may have.