Arts Award Supporter

BOM is a registered Arts Award Centre/ supporter and have a range of activities and opportunities to deliver and/ or support the Arts Award at Discover, Explore, Bronze and Silver levels. We work with young people aged between 5 – 24 years within educational sectors and young people who work with us independently (BOM+). BOM has a community of Fellows (artists, technologists, scientists, researchers and producers) who produce exciting projects and partnerships.

Our gallery is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday 12-5pm during our exhibitions and it is free to visit.


We support parts A, B, C through our free Family events

  • Part A: Discover – Young people will be able to take part in practical activities such as our weekly Saturday family sessions where activities will be linked to the current artistic exhibition.
  • Part B: Find Out – Young people will be able to find out about artists and their work during Saturday sessions that are led by artists.
  • Part C: Share – Young people will be able to share their work with us through a ‘celebrations’ display of children’s work after Saturday sessions.


We support parts A, B, C, D through our free annual Family Summer Fetes

  • Part A: Inspire – Young People will be able to take part in practical activities such as our annual Summer Camps/ Saturday Family sessions.
  • Part B: Explore – Young People will be able to explore the work of artists and arts organisations through Artists leading Saturday sessions explaining their work, skills and practice in context with the young people’s project. Young people will also be able to interact with Artists in Residence. (Artists making work in the gallery space).
  • Part C: Create – Young People will be able to create a piece of work through creating their own art/ technology/ science piece using skills learnt during Saturday sessions or other extra activities included in the exhibitions.
  • Part D: Present – Young People will be able to present what they enjoyed, achieved and are most proud of from their Explore work by presenting their creations to peers and artists, identifying through their work which skills they have achieved and what they are most proud of in terms of personal achievements.


We can support Parts A, B, C, D through our free BOM+ group (16-24 year olds)

  • Part A: Explore the arts as a participant – BOM+ take part in activities by devising self-generating projects based on upcoming exhibitions.
  • Part B: Explore the arts as an audience member – With some guidance, BOM+ look at exhibition concepts and create a bank of ideas about their views on the concept, art work, creativity, content and make links with similar work they know.
  • Part C: Arts Inspirations – Members of BOM+ have the opportunity to research artists/ technologists/ producers through research. For example, emailing key questions to the artist about their work, observing/ working with them during artist residencies.
  • Part D: Arts skill share – passing on art skills to others – BOM+ share their skills/ knowledge with each other, through Twitter, Facebook and are invited to share skills with Family Saturday/ Summer camp activities.


We can support Unit 1 Part C through our free BOM+ group (16-24 year olds)

  • Part C – Review arts events – BOM+ will be able to review our exhibitions with the assistance of a guide where required.

For more information contact Chloe on 0121 643 2617 or to discuss how we can support you with your Arts Award.

You can also find out more on the Arts Award Supporter Webpage