Imagine that you have moved to a new country. The language and culture is totally different to the one you are used to. How easy will it be to get work and advance your career when you don’t clearly understand what your colleagues are saying?

What applies to people working in foreign countries can also apply to autistic people. Autistic people communicate differently to allistic (non autistic) people and although many autistic people learn to get by in society and in the workplace, there will always be basic differences in how autistic people communicate and process the world around them.

Propeller is a new initiative to support autistic adults to access and thrive in the digital and creative industries. The internship will include mentoring, social and networking events, work experience and training tailored to each participant.

We are working with WebWorks, an autistic-led initiative that mentors and supports autistic artists and develops autism-led projects. WebWorks’ Director, artist Sonia Boué is consulting with us on our Propeller initiative, funded by Big Lottery Fund, which will support autistic people through an internship programme at BOM, enabling participants to gain valuable experience and contacts through placements in various departments.

If you are interested in Propeller please get in touch with our Engagement Producer Chloe Lawson