Mood Pinball

A BOM project in collaboration with The Open Data Institute

This project was in collaboration with The Open Data Institute and artists Ben Neal , Edie Jo Murray and Harmeet Chagger-Khan.  We examined how information and data affects our lives in the 21st century and will explore exciting creative ways of sharing data with others.

A digital artwork came out of this project:

Mood Pinball
In a virtual pinball machine you become a pinball to experience the world of neurodiverse artist Edie Jo Murray. Directing the ball, you travel around an urban environment, bumping into people and visiting locations. New interactions and new environments result in changing moods, while sets of real-world, open data which have influenced these changes of state, and perhaps your wellbeing, are revealed.

Commissioned by the Open Data Institute (ODI) in partnership with the University of Southampton DataStories project, supported by the EPSRC, grant number EP/PO25676/1. Produced by BOM