Virtual learning for children

We have compiled an awesome list of activities children can do at home. Activities cover STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) topics with a mixture of interactive online activities and creative craft making fun. From creating cool coding, balloon breathing lungs or roaring rockets, your family can have lots of shared fun with these links.


Our very own bespoke book of science and art activities for kids. Made as part of a science and art research project at Baskerville School.


BOM’s Mini Makers Activities

In our café we have lots of fun STEAM activities for children including packs for these activities which you can also do at home.

Make your own DNA

Make your own Breathing Machine

Make your own DIY Speakers

Make your own 3D Maths Doodle

Make your own Chatbot



For Key Stage 1 children, this is a fun for all the family website covering craft based science activities.



This is a great interactive site covering National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 and 2 topics including Living Things, Physical Processes, Solids Liquids and Gases and Detective Science.


Wow Science

A fabulous science website with links to games, activities, apps, videos and experiments. Very interactive and creative for primary children. This site also have lots of links to a whole range of other science based websites including Switched On Kids.


Education Quizzes

Izzy Wizzy Lets Get Quizzy! Great science quizzes across all Key Stages covering topics from atoms, electromagnets and solids and respiration.



Code Wizards

A great website with coding links to a range of online activities and challenges for children from 2 – 18+. They can be accessed through IOS and Android as well as played on phones, tablets and laptops.


Code Moji

This website is great for those coders who are transitioning from block/ image coding to coding languages. Tutorials help to develop skills and take children through step by step to help them understand and create well.


Light Bot

KS1 beginners website to programming.


BOM’s Self Air App

In February 2020 BOM’s team went to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to talk about Air Pollution. We created a face recognition app which you can download to Android devices and take your own ‘air pollution’ selfie.



Masters in Data Science

This website has around 50 different website links to engineering, maths, physical sciences interactive links for children of all ages. The following links have been chosen as some of the best across all Key Stages.

Cyber Chase

This is a great interactive website for Key Stage 1 kids develop problem solving skills through engineering, maths and code breaking.


Kinetic City

This is a great website looking at energy efficiency, pollution awareness and better urban living in virtual cities. Great for Key Stage 2 children.



This is a free app and an excellent resource for Key Stage 3/4 children. Nasa also has lots of links and advice on careers in engineering and astro biology.



A great engineering website looking at how we can make a better difference to the world. Activities are free to download once you have registered.



Lovely science crafted activities that children can work on individually or with the family.


Left Brain Craft Brain

A range of ‘let’s get messy’ STEAM activities for all the family to get involved in with lots of indoor/ garden play.



A lovely step by step guide that children will be able to follow to create pom-pom catapults, soap bombs and amazing things with toilet rolls!



This has a vast number of links with maths websites for Key Stage 1 and 2. The following links are particularly good.



Key Stage 2 – Fractions, Percentages and Decimal learning

Angle Kung Fu


Here are a couple of really lovely fun music making links for a bit of down time. They are particularly good for SEN children to play with.

Singing Horses

Dub Selector