fun Fun FUN!

We have compiled a great collection of fun activities for little kids and big kids too! We’ve made origami ‘how to’ videos including the stars, cranes and elephants that we have in our cafe. We’ve had lots of fun taking videos of face recognition programmes making art and music. We’ve shared links of fun activities that our community of tech kids have been playing with in our online Coder Dojo sessions. Have a look at the video’s and have fun creating your own.


This is a 7 step guide to making a star garland. Great for decorations and presents for friends and family.



Sketch out some Kandinsky style marks and click the play button to hear your artistic composition!



This is a great activity for SEN children. The visual aesthetics are stunning and the effects are easy to change with a range of settings to alter the density, pressure and ‘splats’. For time out and a bit of calm this is perfect.




This is a very simple origami that only takes a minute to create. They are great to inspire children to read more and make lovely gifts for friends.



This website allows you to draw with your mouse or with a body part using your webcam (set “Tracking” to “Body”, and then adjust the “Settings” to choose which body part)! As you draw, sounds accompany your image. It’s lots of fun!




This sound reactive website visualises noises and turns them into colourful patterns. It’s great fun for those kids who like to experiment with dynamic sounds around the house and voice manipulation. Play some music and watch it react!


3D Face Reconstruction

Want to do something different with your selfies? Try this 3D face reconstruction app and see yourself in a whole new angle!



This is a lovely interactive program that allows you to turn your computer keyboard into a piano and shows your music as beautiful visuals. Another great activity for SEN children.