Art and Tech Social: Bioart Post-Pandemic

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Art and Tech Social: Bioart Post-Pandemic

Jul 29, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Over the last century, scientists have proven that humans’ emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing is deeply interconnected with nature – a concept known as ‘biophilia’, or love of nature. This has become particularly apparent during lockdown, evidenced by the increase in activities involving humans and living organisms; visits to national parks, gardening, and even baking – with yeast being one of the fastest sold-out ingredients.  Another outcome of lockdown could be a negative reaction towards the microbial world of bacteria, molds and viruses, the unseen, unknown, and inevitable association with disease.

What does this mean for Bioart practitioners, conferences, and organisations around the world? How do we continue to learn from these extraordinary organisms, retell the stories of bacteria, fungus and viruses and present them not as enemies, but millennia-old partners.

Bioartist and BOM Fellow alumni Laurie Ramsell will be in conversation with Bioartists:

Ciara Redmond

Pei Ying Lin

Baum & Leahy

Creative Associate Director of Science Gallery London, John O’Shea.


Event takes place via Zoom. Register for your free place here.


Jul 29
11:00 am - 12:30 pm