AR Workshops for Neurodivergent People – Session 2

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AR Workshops for Neurodivergent People – Session 2

Sep 27, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Propeller’s 1st series of free workshops to develop creative digital skills begins with the introduction of augmented reality.

Edie Jo Murray will be running 4 online augmented reality workshops. She is a BOM Fellow, digital practitioner and approaches workshops through a lived experience of neurodivergence. Edie will take participants through a 4-step series of workshops that will introduce the world of AR. Workshops will explore a number of free or low cost methods for creating AR artwork that are accessible to individuals. Suitable for beginners, these sessions focus on techniques that require minimal coding and no prior knowledge of AR or web development.

Session 2: Sourcing or creating models

Learn where to source free 3D assets for your AR scenes. We will cover the different file formats you can use and best practices for using 3D models in webAR. We will also cover a quick and fun way to create your own models using the 3D scanning app Qlone. (I may briefly touch on options for creating your own models from scratch but won’t spend too much time on that as it’s such a big topic that could be it’s own course!)

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Images courtesy of Edie Jo Murray and Jonny Bark



Sep 27
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm