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Half term online digital activities

October 26th 2020 - October 30th 2020

We have a great lineup of online activities available for your kids during the half term holidays. Based on this year’s ‘Techoodle’ Summer Camp we have 5 instructional videos and step by step guides to creating digital art, mark making and animations. Kids can click on the titles for activity links for each day of half term to learn new digital art skills.

Digital Mark Making

Mark making for any form of art is a great exercise to begin developing skills. This session looks at investigating digital mark making using Kleki.com.

Digital Artwork using Layers 

In this session we will be showing you how to make digital artwork using the website kleki.com and taking inspiration from the art work of linoprinter Eric Gaskell.

Character Sketches

This session looks at the work of Shaun Tan and the futuristic character illustrations he creates. The inspiration for Shaun Tan’s characters come from the experiences he had when he emigrated as a child from China to Australia with his Malaysian and Finish parents. His experiences of seeing new machines, people, and ways of communicating and socialising has informed much of his work to tell stories of diaspora.

To create your own characters a great website is YouIDraw. It has a range of great mark making tools that are easy and effective to use for illustrative sketches.


Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion animation can be made by showing a series of still images that change very quickly from one to the next and appear to move through a trick of the mind called Persistence of vision. Using the FlipAnim website is an easy way to use to create your own.

Collaborate on digital artwork 

This session is all about collaboration to create a piece of digital work. Using the website Aggie and a creative friend you will be able to create a ‘forgery’ inspired by David Hockney’s iPad art portfolio.

All these activities can also be used towards Part A, Part C and Part D of children’s Bronze Arts Awards.

To find out more look at our Arts Awards offer or contact chloe@bom.org.uk for more information.


October 26th 2020
October 30th 2020