Live Robot Autopsy Performance by Kira O’Reilly

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Live Robot Autopsy Performance by Kira O’Reilly

May 13th 2016, 7:00 pm

For most of the exhibition Ingenious and Fearless Companions, the HAB (high altitude bioprospecting) robot sat intact, on a plinth. As part of a fantastic weekend of events, an autopsy was performed on HAB by artist Kira O’Reilly and scientists Mel Grant, Paul Shepherd and Oliver De Peyer.
The autopsy took 6 hours in total and revealed tightly compressed areas which could still contain samples (air and bacteria) from the edge of space. These parts were swabbed and we have yet to determine if there were any microbes present.
HAB has been suspended in a beautiful constellation/explosion of its parts to represent the emotion, time and energy that were put into creating robot and sending it into the stratosphere. The redisplay of HAB also represents the HAB teams commitment to continuing the work of this ingenious and fearless adventure.


May 13th 2016
7:00 pm