Create a 3D head using Pixlr

During our annual Summer Camp event we created spooky Halloween heads in jars. Use this simple step by step guide to create your own 3D head in a jar and blend 3 photos of your own head!

For this we’ll need a digital camera to take some pictures, and then we’ll be using Pixlr (which is a bit like Photoshop) where we will upload and edit our photos.



Grab a digital camera and take 3 photos of yourself – one from the front and one of each side of your head. It’s easiest if you take the photos with a flat colour in the background – like a blue wall.



Then, open a web browser and go to the website:


Create a new document

Choose ‘Create New’ and ‘Full HD’, then ‘Create’ to make a new document.

Add your photos

Choose the + bottom icon (on the right) to add a layer. Choose ‘Image’ and select your front facing photo. It will load into the layers on the right.

Repeat this to add the side faces into the layers above.
Note : the blue border around the layer boxes on the right shows which layer you are editing.

Remove the background

If you have a nice one-colour background (like a blue wall), choose the Scissor tool, then ‘Magic Cutout’, and ‘Remove’, leave the tolerance around 30, set the ‘Softness’ the ‘Medium’ and make sure ‘Contiguous’ is On. Click on the background it should disappear.

Otherwise you can remove the background by hand using the Eraser from the Drawing tools.

Place and merge your side face

Choose the Move tool (top icon). Move your side face so that your eye from the side meets the middle of your eye from the front. You can scale with the corners to match your chin at the bottom and forehead at the top. If you need you can rotate a little with the blue dot at the top.

Blend the faces

Merge the two faces by removing parts of the side picture. First select the side face layer (on the right) so it has a blue border. Then select the Scissors icon, then ‘Draw Cutout’. Choose ‘Remove’. Make the brush a good size with the slider, and put the softness above 50%.

Now draw areas to remove. Aim to keep the eyes, mouth, nose and chin of the front face but blend it with the side.
Note: You can also add bits back in if you make a mistake – change the tool from ‘Remove’ to ‘Keep’


If the colours don’t quite look right you can click the Sun icon, scroll down the list and adjust ‘Brightness’, ‘Exposure’ and ‘Contrast’ – adjust them just a little to make it perfect.


Crop the image

Select the Crop tool (2nd icon down) and adjust the box outline to remove the background. It should meet the top of your head and the back of your neck (sides).

Save your picture

Choose ‘Save’, give your image a name, then click ‘Download’.

You can then print this out, laminate it and put it into a bottle or jar.

Like this!

For best results print it out twice and laminate the two printouts back to back, so you can see the image on the inside of the bottle and from the outside. Fill the jar or bottle with water and use some food colouring to change the colour of the water for extra effect.

Here are some examples of the kids 3D heads from our Summer Camp.