Create Escher Architecture using 3D Slash

During our annual Summer Camp event we focused on famous artist Escher who created some impossible architectural designs which we used as our inspiration for 3D buildings we created using 3D Slash. Go to the 3D Slash website to get started. Then follow our guide below…

An impossible Escher building



Know your tools!

Let’s get familiar with the building tools in 3D Slash before starting our final design.
Here’s the rundown…


This is your essential building tool. Use the Trowel to add blocks of different sizes. Great to build objects brick by brick!



Like the opposite of the Trowel. Use the Hammer to chip out blocks and smash holes in objects. Great to make windows and doors with.



Use this tool to create rows of bricks in straight lines. Great for bridges and chimneys!



Use this tool to gouge out straight lines and make channels in your building. Great for making steps!


Changing the size of the blocks

Use the numbered dots to choose your block size.


Start from a base object

You can also choose a base shape and colour your designs. Use the tools you’ve practiced with to complete your Escher design.

Spend 5 minutes having a play around with all of these tools so you know how they work. This will help you choose the best tool for the job in your own Escher building design.

Here are some examples kids created during our Summer Camp based on Escher’s impossible buildings.

Good luck and enjoy!